International Association Razi for Medicine & Psychotherapy

On the 1st International Congress 2007 at Isfahan University, the scientific board held many discussions on the project of a  “Development of psychosomatic Medicine in Iran”.  The name of “Razi” was chosen because, approximately 1200 years ago, Razi’s therapeutic interventions were already based on a combined biological, social and cultural concept. Later on, Avicenna would follow this concept.   

In the course of the project, the idea of founding an international association was developed further. On 7th April, 2009, the “Association Razi for Medicine and Psychosomatics” has been registered at Amtsgericht Siegen (Local Court Siegen) with the registration number 2943. 

  1. Development of a concept of the psychosomatic discipline for Iran in cooperation with the “Märkische Kliniken” (academic teaching hospital of the University of Bonn) and Isfahan conducted by Dr. Afshar (University of Isfahan) and Dr. Moshref Dehkordy (University of Bonn)
  2. Becoming familiar with and imparting the concept of psychosomatic before the public, resp. the specialists, e.g. psychiatrists, psychologists, educationalists and institutions
  3. Foundation of a scientific advisory council and setting up scientific advisers
  4. Development and introduction of the new concept among experts (first congress for psychosomatic
  5. Development of a concept for the supplementation of an acute-psychiatric clinic at the University-Hospital Isfahan with a department for psychosomatic medicine
  6. Establishment of independent societies resp. “Academies for Psychosomatic, Psychiatry and Interdisciplinary Medicine” for different medical disciplines (independent from universities), which will be supported by and work together in a close relationship with universities